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6x Premium jumbo Space Saver Bags are manufactured and sold exclusively by Web Deals Direct LLC 8543 Twickenham Terrace Harrisburg, NC 28075. The package of space saver bag is made up of rigid materials since they can withstand high temperature also they came speedy to your door step with 5 storage bags. A hand pump is also supplied along with space saver bags to use in occasion you are taking the space saver bags for outside journeys or fair don’t have a vacuum handy. It works very well during your trips you can just put your clothes into the vacuum compressed bag and close with the zipper. Also use the vacuum tube to fill air inside the bag which takes a little more effort pumping out the air.

6x Premium jumbo Space Saver Bags are pleasant to use because they are compact in size you can take it to anywhere you like. It store away your comforter, couch sheets, wipes, over-blankets, and supplementary clothes. We are manufacturing and selling 90% more of space saver bags than other bags in the market. These are exclusive available with dual zip cover and the triple cover turbo regulator which is planned to acquire every iota of air outside of the bag in the pressure process and nil gets back in. Also Space Saver Bags are durable, anti-bacterial and trouble free to clean.

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